Airbus patented unusual hybrid vertical takeoff aircraft

Aircraft manufacturers have long sought to combine vertical takeoff and landing with high speed and range, but so far all attempts have ended in vain.

Now Airbus, one of the world leaders in the field of civil aircraft, has entered the game, registering a patent for an unusual vertical take-off aircraft, which then goes into horizontal flight.

Especially for vertical lifting, the concept has 4 propellers, similar to quadcopters, but rotating from independent electric motors. The power for them will be generated by a generator connected to the main internal combustion engine. He will also drive the front propeller, providing horizontal flight.

As per the datasheet, two vertical two-bladed rotors will fit inside each of the pylons, which are attached to the main and small front fenders. After the transition to horizontal flight, the blades stop and completely retract into the pylons to avoid unnecessary drag.

An option is provided with additional frontal rotors, which will provide higher speed and load capacity.

The patent does not indicate the number of passengers carried, but apparently it is a two-seater version. It is not yet known whether this concept will ever become a reality. However, with the advent of commercial drones and technologies that power large electric motors, coupled with low-cost automated on-board computers, that possibility exists.