The world's largest Lego ship, weighing three tons, is created

The management of the shipping company DFDS decided to celebrate its 150th anniversary in a very unusual way. Instead of the traditional noisy corporate party ... the world's largest Lego ship was born.

The blocky vessel was named Jubilee Seaways. It took 900 man-hours to assemble it and the participation of 7000 workers from 20 countries. Jubilee Seaways is over 12 meters long, about 2.8 meters high and weighs over 3 tons. More than a million "bricks" were used to manufacture the vessel.

The Jubilee Seaways will spend the next few weeks touring Europe. Initially, it will be presented to the participants and spectators of the Great Northern Maritime Regatta in Gothenburg, and will complete the "voyage" at exhibitions in London and Dover.