The first unmanned tractors may appear in 3 years

Case IH, an agricultural machine manufacturer, has unveiled the concept of an autonomous tractor - the ATC. So far, there is only the most general information about the new product, for example, that it will be created on the basis of existing models.

At the first glance at the ATC, the absence of the familiar cabin is striking. The place of the tractor driver will be taken by the GPS system, lidars and video cameras. In addition to its own autopilot, the equipment will be able to receive signals from satellites that will help the tractor to accurately route and move from the hangar to the field.

The creators of the concept consider the greatest achievement to be an unmanned scheme, in which the car will be completely autonomous. The possibility of remote control will also remain. When working in the field, the weather factor will be taken into account. In the event of an abnormal situation, for example, the appearance of a foreign object or an animal on the path of the tractor, the machine will send an appropriate signal to the operator and request instructions for further actions.

ATS is not the first robotic tractor. In Japan and New Zealand, equipment manufacturers Yanmar and Greenbot are also working on unmanned agricultural machines, but due to their geographical distance, they cannot compete with him. Case IH expects to begin selling the first ATCs within the next three years.