The Swiss unveiled a concept that could turn the future of air travel

The Clip-Air project, developed by specialists from the Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute, is designed to fundamentally simplify the familiar concept of moving passengers and cargo. According to it, now, for example, to get to the airport, you do not need to "change horses", changing from a taxi to a train, and from a train to a bus, and so on.

It will be enough for a passenger to sit somewhere in a special parking lot in a special removable passenger capsule, which will then be towed to the airport, and there they will be docked to the transport flying wing. Upon arrival at the site, everything happens in reverse order. Naturally, instead of passengers, it will be possible to transport goods in the same way.

The need for a new concept of a flying wing was commented on by one of the project leaders, Claudio Leonardi:

"Airports are becoming more isolated, waiting times are increasing, traffic volumes are increasing, and congestion and delays are becoming the norm in air travel."

The length of the autonomous capsule is commensurate with a railway carriage - 30 meters, and its weight is 30 tons. On each side of the flying wing, landing gear struts are provided, which also provide the necessary clearance with the surface for attaching the capsule.

The capsule attachment system is similar to how bombs are attached to the fuselage of combat aircraft. The speed of movement of cargo is comparable to that of modern medium-sized airliners.

By the way, if you combine this concept with the idea of ​​a detachable passenger capsule, which we wrote about earlier, then you could get a promising air transportation project of the future.