Airvinci - a prototype personal helicopter with a tunnel propeller

The process of creating individual aircraft is "gaining momentum." Another interesting step in this direction is the prototype of the Airvinci personal helicopter, which is being prepared for the testing stage, while in the form of a heavy drone.

The inventor is Tarek Ibrahim, a talented mechanic, entrepreneur and founder of Airvinci, who has developed a safe, compact and inexpensive individual aircraft that is not afraid of any traffic jams.

The lifting force is provided by a propeller enclosed in an annular fairing. According to the developer, the engines are currently being fine-tuned, after which tests with load simulation will begin next year.

Airvinci bears some resemblance to the Martin Jetpack. One of the differences is the ability to sit during the flight. Also, the Martin Jetpack has a different layout: one engine and two propellers, while the Airvinci has two engines and one propeller. The engines used in the prototype will be able to produce 28 liters each. from. each, which will allow the drone to carry a load weighing up to 120 kg.

The aircraft is planned to be made as simple as possible to control. In the final version, the developers promise to support fully automatic control. The device can be called directly from a smartphone, designate the destination where Airvinci will take the passenger.