A rotary engine weighing only 2 kg will be able to replace a 20-kg analogue

Connecticut start-up LiquidPiston has announced it will build a very compact and lightweight engine with enough power for a small go-kart. The new motor, called the X-mini, weighs less than 2 kg, has only three moving parts and produces 3 hp, which is enough to replace the standard 20 kg engine in conventional karting.

The X-mini is built according to LiquidPiston's proprietary rotary motor design. The thermodynamic cycle technology provides significantly higher efficiency than conventional Wankel rotary engines or traditional piston engines.

According to LiquidPiston, the engine is undergoing testing. Currently, only one working prototype has been built. In the future, it is planned to reduce the weight of the motor to 1.5 kg and raise the power to 5 hp.

Last year, startup LiquidPiston received a $ 1 million grant from DARPA to develop an innovative compact engine. The small and lightweight motor is planned to be used in drones, as a traveling generator, or even in military robotics.