Flying Car Kitty Hawk from Google Founder Goes On Sale This Year

The mysterious "flying car" of one of the founders of Google, after months of rumors and speculation, is finally officially presented. Moreover, the developers say that the flying machine will be available for purchase at the end of this year.

Unlike other flying car makers, startup Keety Hawk has decided to focus not on passenger transportation, but on entertainment. This means that they do not need a pilot's license to operate their flying vehicle as it does not fall under the FAA requirements.

The Kitty Hawk Flyer is a giant flying quadcopter. The pilot sits on top of it, like on a motorcycle. However, the presented model is just a prototype. The final version will undergo some changes.

According to test pilot Simeron Morrissey, the weight of the prototype is about 100 kg, its maximum speed is 40 km / h, and the flight height is 10 meters. The controls are reminiscent of joysticks. Kitty Hawk takes off and lands vertically like a normal quadcopter. Eight propellers are battery powered.

The company is offering a $ 2, 000 discount to those willing to post a $ 100 deposit right now, although the final price of the flying car is still unknown.

The development of Keety Hawk is funded by co-founder and head of Google Larry Page. The company is managed by Sebastian Thrun.