Peugeot has developed a charging station for electric vehicles

A division of Peugeot, Peugeot Design Lab, has presented the concept of Driveco Parasol electric vehicle charging stations, which will appear in the near future.

The roof of the station is made of environmentally friendly materials and covered with 88 solar panels with an area of ​​150 sq. meters. All stations will unite into an integral system to transfer energy to where there is a deficit. The received solar energy is "stored" in powerful lithium-ion batteries.

The transmission of electricity from station to station will be carried out by an intelligent energy management system. Thanks to her, a single charging system will work regardless of weather conditions and time of day.

One Driveco Parasol will be able to simultaneously charge seven vehicles from scooters to full electric vehicles. Currently, two stations have already been commissioned in the cities of Bastia and Ajaccio in South Corsica.