BAE Systems presented a multifunctional engineering vehicle

"Swiss knife among military equipment" - this is how the new engineering vehicle Terrier was nicknamed. Combining many features, the 32 ton army tractor was developed by British arms giant BAE Systems.

Terrier can destroy enemy runways, make breaches in concrete structures where terrorists are hiding, and destroy bridges. He is also capable of creating passages in minefields with the Python reactive system.

With immense power, the Terrier can easily grab and move heavy loads up to 5 tonnes with a front-mounted lift system. No less impressive are its "digging" abilities - up to 300 tons of soil per hour.

The Terrier can act like an excavator, deploying an arrow with a bucket to destroy bridges and other objects to be destroyed. Round-the-clock work is provided by all-round video cameras.

Despite its heavy weight - 32 tons - Terrier is unusually agile and can reach speeds of up to 72.5 km / h. It feels very confident in off-road conditions and on water at waves up to 2 meters. A remote control option is provided at a distance of about 100 meters.

In "reserve" Terrier has a geological hammer, a ripper (road plow) and a soil auger. In short, a unique engineering vehicle in one "one person" should provide the British army with maximum capabilities on the battlefield.