U-Boat Worx reaches new depths with state-of-the-art tourist submarine

U-Boat Worx has introduced a fresh take on tourist submarines. The newest submarine, Cruise Sub, is designed to show the lucky ones on board even more underwater beauty. She can take on board 5, 7 or 9 people (including one pilot). The submarine can dive to depths of up to 1140 meters. According to the company, this is the deepest tourist vehicle of this class in the world.

While regular tourist submarines are more like buses, with small windows on the sides, in the Cruise Sub, passengers are housed in two large acrylic spheres with panoramic views, allowing them to have a good view of everything around them. The passenger seats rotate within a sphere so that each passenger can choose the best view. The pilot is in the center of the submarine's cylindrical hull.

In order to operate a submarine, a pilot must undergo training. But it only takes two weeks. The submarine uses batteries as a source of energy. Their full charge is enough for a 12-hour dive.

The five-seater Cruise Sub starts at € 2, 530, 000 ($ 2, 886, 224) and is influenced by additional options. U-Boat Worx hopes to sell its submarines to travel companies, cruise ship owners and resorts.