Hypersonic SR-71 disassembled piece by piece to fit inside the museum

The Virginia Science Museum has added the SR-71 Blackbird hypersonic fighter jet to its new exhibit called Speed. But before opening the exhibit to the general public, workers had to drag a 32-meter plane into the building. This proved to be a daunting task, resulting in a time-lapse video showing the entire process.

First, the workers cleaned the area and built an entire platform to house the SR-71. After that, the aircraft was disassembled into four large parts: two fuselage sections and two wing parts with engines. Then each element was transported to the other end of the city with the help of tractors to the museum building, in which it was reassembled.

Very soon, visitors to the museum will be able to admire the hypersonic fighter, the transportation process of which turned out to be no less spectacular than itself. But even this event cannot be compared in scale with the transportation of a reactor for the Achinsk refinery.