T-50 fighters will be equipped with new generation radars

The very name "5th generation fighter" speaks first of all that the T-50 is the embodiment of everything new and advanced that the Russian military-industrial complex has. One of the novelties is an airborne radar, where instead of an outdated antenna, receiver and transmitter, a system with an active phased antenna array will be installed.

In its structure, it is very similar to a honeycomb, where each cell is a radar in miniature. This structure provides the radar with high survivability, since failure of all cells at once - and there are about 2000 of them - is unlikely. The "survivors" cells will provide the pilot with the necessary information.

In total, three X-band antennas will be installed on the T-50 - two on the sides and one in front, which will provide the pilot with a reliable view in the sector of more than 200 degrees. In addition to detection, the radar performs another important function - electronic suppression of the enemy.

Among the know-how embodied in the T-50 are monolithic microwave modules developed under the leadership of Academician Zhores Alferov based on gallium arsenide. The production of unique aviation radars was obtained by one of the enterprises that are part of ROSTEKH - the Ryazan Instrument Plant.