The most expensive bicycles in the world

Society has long become accustomed to the fact that many automakers create supercars that are distinguished by advanced technical characteristics, the presence of more improvements and of course the price. However, not only cars can be included in the "super" category, bicycles are also keeping up with them. So what are the most expensive bicycles in the world?

Bicycle: vehicle or work of art?

Take the Delta 7 Ascend Bike, a mountain bike unique in its design. The bike's carbon frame has a mesh structure, which has reduced its weight to 1.5kg. At the same time, the bike can withstand enormous loads when riding in mountainous areas. Its price is "only" $ 12, 000.

Delta 7 Ascend Bike

Systems Factor 001 bikes are in a completely different price category. BERU F1 series bikes, completely and completely made from the same carbon, reach the price of up to $ 40, 000. It's not just the material of manufacture. These bicycles are created exclusively by hand for each individual client. The road bike has an almost perfect aerodynamic shape and light weight.

Systems Factor BERU F1

But even these prices pale in comparison with the cost of the following models. So, the second line in the top 10 ranking of the most expensive bicycles was taken by Trek Madone from the KAWS studio. The price of 160 thousand dollars is not even connected with the fact that it is completely covered with drawings of teeth made by the famous artist Brian Donnelly, but rather with the fact that Lance Armstrong himself rode it - the famous cyclist who managed to win the overall classification of the Tour de France.

Kaws trek madone

But this is not the limit. Butterfly Trek Madone is a $ 500, 000 bike! And here, at first glance, there is nothing unusual. No gold, no diamonds. Such a huge price is due to the fact that the bike is covered with the wings of real butterflies. The latter were applied to a bicycle and independently grown by the famous English artist Damien Hirst.

Superbikes: what they are made of

Manufacturers of this type of vehicle are literally obsessed with composite materials, and specifically - carbon fiber, better known as carbon. The choice in favor of this material is justified by many reasons - it has the highest degree of strength and rigidity, while having an insignificant weight (in comparison with materials with similar characteristics). However, carbon still has one drawback - the technology of its production is rather complicated and expensive, which in turn makes any products made from it just as expensive.

The most expensive bicycles in the world, as you might guess, are made of carbon fiber. Basic parts such as the frame, rims, hubs, steering wheel or even brake levers are all made from carbon fiber.

However, the use of this material is completely unrelated to the desire to increase the price of the bike - for these purposes one could easily use precious metals. No, carbon here plays the role of an "expander" of the bike's capabilities.

Due to its qualities, it is able to make an ordinary bicycle more resilient to any physical impact. And the material's malleability to molding makes it possible to create structures that are ideal from the point of view of aerodynamics of shape.

How much does a bicycle made of, say, gold cost? Bicycle manufacturers also cater to the most sophisticated cyclists by offering them true works of art. For these purposes, not only gold is used. The frame, discs, handlebars and all other components of the bike can be covered with any noble metals and even precious stones, such as diamonds.

Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold

Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold has become a prominent representative of such bicycles. It is almost entirely composed of gold and trimmed with several hundred precious crystals. The price of a gold bike is 101 thousand dollars.