Drone racing could be a new sport

If something is able to move, they will definitely make races out of it. So it was with cars, boats, motorcycles, horses. What can I say, there is even a bathtub race. Now it's the turn of unmanned aerial vehicles - drones.

An organization called the Drone Racing League (DRL) is already working to lift the sport off its knees. They have brought together talented pilots and train crazy air races.

One of the DRL pilots

Moreover, qualifying competitions have already taken place in the summer of last year. The first official race will take place in February 2016 at the Miami Dolphins Stadium in Florida. In total, five events are planned for 2016. The season will end with a world championship.

Racing "car"

Currently, DRL involves drones assembled at home by engineers and enthusiasts. For control, a camera with a first-person view is used, the video from which is broadcast to both the pilot and the audience.

While drone racing is still in its infancy, DRL hopes that one day entire stadiums of fans and fans will watch spectacular drone competitions.