Red Bull team brought F1 car to the ski slope

It may not be the best trick from Red Bull of all time, but it is definitely a very interesting way to use a Formula 1 racing car. The car was thrown into the mountains with the help of a helicopter, where, under the control of the racer Max Verstappen, it raced along the slopes of the famous Austrian resort of Kitzbühel.

As is usually the case with stunts from Red Bull, the question "why?" either not worth it at all or replaced by other cues like "why not" or "let's do it." About 3, 500 spectators did not deny themselves the pleasure of watching how the world's first Formula 1 car found itself on an alpine slope. In this peculiar way, Red Bull opened high-speed ski competitions.

It is worth noting that the 800-horsepower RB7 rear-wheel drive racing car underwent special training before going out on the snow. It has been tweaked to withstand temperature swings of 35 ° C, the engine has been tuned for finer throttle control, and the wheels have been shod with specially designed snow chains.