SuperFlex - "Batsuit" for soldiers and seniors

Engineers and inventors continue to draw inspiration from high-profile Hollywood blockbusters. This time, their attention was drawn to the famous Batman costume. The result is an exosuit called Superflex, packed with cutting edge technology that gives a person extraordinary strength.

It is a sophisticated device equipped with motion sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes that read the speed and angles of arm and leg movements in order to direct additional force accordingly.

The technology was developed as part of the DARPA Warrior Web Program to prevent and reduce musculoskeletal injuries caused by dynamic overloads typical of war zones. At the right time, an additional effort is applied at the command of the sensors, which helps the limbs and trunk to complete the task.

For the elderly and disabled, Superflex can help restore mobility and improve overall quality of life. Currently, the development team is working on improving the prototype and looking for investors to start the commercial release of their product.