Russian reconnaissance drone Altius-M is ready in the form of a prototype

The presentation of the promising Russian unmanned aerial vehicle Altius-M took place in Kazan on March 25 in one of the KAPO-composites workshops during a visit by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation D. Medvedev. This is a joint development of the Kazan design bureau "Sokol" and the St. Petersburg company "Transas".

With a flight range of 10 thousand kilometers and a flight duration of about two days, its weight is 5 tons. The device is equipped with an optical reconnaissance station and a side-looking radar with an active phased antenna array.

By the way, at the present time, by order of the defense department, two more types of drones are being developed - the "pacer" (take-off weight of about a ton) and the promising heavy strike vehicle "Okhotnik".