Robotic combat vehicle Milirem Type-X went to test

The Estonian company Milirem Robotics presented for testing a medium-class robotic combat vehicle Type-X, designed for reconnaissance and fire support of mechanized units (tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles) and convoys.

The Type-X is designed in a modular fashion on an autonomous rubber tracked platform, on which you can install various types of weapons and devices, depending on the mission being performed. The main idea of ​​the developers is to create a combat robotic system capable of replacing military personnel in especially dangerous situations.

The weight of the main platform is 12 tons, the weight of the payload is 4.1 tons. Type-X can be dropped from transport aircraft C-140 Hercules or KC-390 Millenium. The A400M Atlas can carry two, and the C-17 Globemaster III can carry five combat vehicles. The most powerful weapon that can be mounted on the Type-X is the 50mm automatic cannon.

In addition, the Type-X can be equipped with a low-profile remote-controlled turret with a 25mm M242 Bushmaster cannon, a 30mm 230LF cannon and Alcotan, MMP, Javelin or SPIKE anti-tank missiles.

The machine is only 68 cm high and the rear engine provides a significant level of stealth. The maximum speed when moving forward is 80 km / h, in the opposite direction - 50 km / h. According to the company, the Type-X is four times cheaper than a conventional BMP.

It can also be equipped with a panoramic circular sight, CCD cameras, an integrated AI system with tracking, point navigation and obstacle detection.