Visitors to the Massachusetts Museum will be able to drive real tanks of the Second World War

M4A3 Sherman tanks in Germany, March 27, 1945

The Massachusetts Museum of American Heritage, dedicated to wars involving the United States - from the Revolutionary War to the current War on International Terrorism - is sponsoring a lottery draw for the museum called Icons of Armor: The Ultimate WWII Tank Experience. Its winner will be able to drive real American tanks from the Second World War for free. For the rest of those who wish, this service will already be paid.

The museum funds contain 85 tanks and armored vehicles from the collection of Jacques Littlefield, who also equipped an open exhibition area with an area of ​​6040 sq. meters.

Among the exhibits of the museum: the first American tank of the First World War - 6-ton M1917, almost all tanks, assault guns, tracked vehicles of the Third Reich, all tanks of the US Army and Marine Corps, armored vehicles of the Cold War, including the M1A1 Abrams, as well as tanks of other countries ...

M24 Chaffee in Italy, April 1945

However, a trip with a breeze in combat vehicles will cost money, in particular, on a light M24 Chaffee tank - 995, and on an average M4 Sherman - already $ 1, 495. Those who cannot afford it can take part in the Icons of Armor lottery, the winner of which will be given the opportunity to drive not only the M24 Chaffee and M4 Sherman, but also the M26 Pershing medium tank.

As an additional bonus, the winner will also receive a pair of tank overalls and the opportunity to undergo training to control each of the tanks.