The Paladyne E1000MP electric cannon will neutralize an enemy drone from a distance of 1 km

The British company Drone Defense has unveiled its new development - the Paladyne E1000MP “pistol” designed to combat drones. Its main means of destruction is an electromagnetic signal of the same frequency as that of the drone, on which it maintains communication with the operator. As a result of electronic influence, the connection between them disappears, after which the device either lands or returns to the point of departure.

The range of the Paladyne E1000MP is 1 km. It can be used with both directional and circular antennas. In the first case, the gun directs the signal to a specific drone, in the second, the signal spreads over a wider area.

According to Drone Defense, users can even gain control over the drone's frequencies, allowing them to manually activate the return to launch function and locate the operator.

Paladyne E1000MP is waterproof and can withstand high pressure water jets. The power source is a battery that, after a full four-hour charge, provides the device for two hours at temperatures from –20 to +60 ° C. The weight of the device is 3.5 kg.