US Army picks two candidates for helicopter of the future

The US Army has reduced the number of participants in the "Future Attack and Reconnaissance" (FARA) competition for the right to receive a contract for the production of a multipurpose helicopter of the future from five to two. Bell Helicopter (Model 360 Invictus) and Sikorsky Aircraft (Model Raider X) have the opportunity to begin creating prototype combat helicopters, the best of which will replace the outdated Bell OH-58 Kiowa.

Recall that initially a year ago, AVX Aircraft with L3Harris, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Karem Aircraft and Sikorsky Aircraft participated in the FARA development competition.

At the second stage, the winning companies under the agreement must submit new prototypes of attack helicopters, which will take part in state flight tests at the end of 2023.

It is assumed that the new multipurpose helicopter will be able to hide from detection equipment at the surface of the earth and conduct military operations in urban conditions.