The "smart" sight SMASH will allow you to shoot only if the hit is guaranteed

US Army specialists are testing a "smart" riflescope SMASH manufactured by the Israeli company Smart Shooter Ltd., which may soon be installed on M4 carbines and M249 light machine guns.

According to the Military edition, for the first time the novelty was widely presented at the 42nd international exhibition of sporting and hunting weapons SHOT Show 2020 in Las Vegas.

The current sights only provide the shooter with the information necessary for a well-aimed shot. The main idea of ​​SMASH is that, having such information, a "smart" sight will "allow" a shot only if the shooter accurately fulfills all his "requirements". That is, only in cases where hitting the target is guaranteed from the point of view of ballistics.

The SMASH system is attached to the barrel along with a special pistol grip. The device consists of an optical sight, a thermal imager, a target recognition and tracking system. After selecting the target, the shooter fixes it by pressing the button next to the handle. In the scope, the captured target is marked with special red marks.

Next, the shooter squeezes and holds the trigger. The shot will occur only if the barrel is accurately aimed at the target, ensuring a guaranteed hit into it. According to the developers, it takes no more than 5 minutes to train an experienced fighter to use the SMASH scope. It should also be noted that in close combat, the trigger lock system is easily disabled.