Throwflame is ready to sell a full-fledged flamethrower drone to anyone.

When not so long ago Elon Musk launched a hand-held flamethrower on the market, few people took it seriously - a toy is a toy, albeit an expensive one. In contrast, Throwflame is positioning its brainchild TAS-19 WASP as a full-fledged tool for solving applied problems. This is a harness for a multicopter with a flamethrower on board.

It should be immediately clarified that the TAS-19 WASP is exactly the flamethrower platform that needs to be mounted on the drone. By a separate order, Throwflame can also manufacture the drone carrier itself, and immediately in a fire-resistant design. But this is a minimum of $ 1000 in additional costs, in addition to the $ 1499 for the weapon kit itself.

When choosing a drone, you need to take into account that an empty flamethrower weighs at least 2.2 kg, plus it carries up to 3.7 liters of fire mixture. In the presentation video, a DJI S1000 was used with an A2 flight controller, a 16000 mAh LiSo 6S battery and a TBS Tango R / C remote control. A fully fueled flamethrower produces a jet up to 7 m long and works for 100 seconds.

The main field of application of a flamethrower on a drone is remote ignition of various objects, from hornets' nests and dry leaves to targets at the training ground for cadets of fire schools. Flamethrowers are convenient for fighting insects, wild animals, suitable for the destruction of illegal crops, with their help you can burn objects at heights, and where it is difficult to get close, in the maze of building structures. Finally, the flying flamethrower will come in handy for rescuers and the military if you need to set fire to something at a safe distance.