Finnish drone filmed video from the epicenter of artillery shelling

The video captured by Finnish Defense Forces soldier Samuli Haapla using a DJI Phantom drone shows the results of the RM-70 multiple launch rocket systems. Within a minute, the Finnish artillerymen fired about 240 122-mm rockets in a given square.

Samuli Haapla managed literally from the inside to photograph the barrage of artillery fire at its final section. Installing the camera on the ground in such conditions was out of the question. The operator was able to choose the correct shooting point - the drone was at a low altitude above the epicenter of the volley, and some missiles flew in close proximity to it.

The RM-70 is the Czechoslovak version of the Soviet BM-21 MLRS on the Tatra chassis, which has been produced since 1972. The maximum firing range is 22, the minimum is 8 km, the caliber is 122 mm, the number of guides is 40, the calculation is 4 people. It is designed to massively suppress the enemy before attacking motorized rifle subunits.