New non-lethal laser for the US Marine Corps will stun the enemy with sound

The US Marine Corps has expressed interest in a non-lethal laser system that can affect people with a powerful ultra-short sound pulse. As a result of its use, the enemy will experience pain and lose orientation in space, while remaining alive.

The system's conventional name is SCUPLS (Scalable Compact Ultra-short Pulse Systems). Its prototype is a new generation of mobile, energy-intensive laser, with which the police can disperse crowds to prevent riots.

Previously, within the framework of the program for the creation of non-lethal weapons, the LIPE system has already been developed, which strikes targets with high-energy pulses of a nanosecond laser. Those who find themselves in the affected area (up to 100 meters) experience unbearable heat and immediately flee.

In SCUPLS, in addition to the thermal effect, it is planned to use a sound signaling system at a distance of up to 1 km. By the way, American engineers began to work on this idea back in the 70s.

Today, developers are faced with the task of solving the problem of sound interference, for which the system must be able to assess the degree of impact on an object as efficiently as possible. The most important requirements for SCUPLS are mobility and compactness, so it will most likely be installed on army off-road vehicles.