France and Germany team up to create a new super-fighter

France and Germany are starting to develop a new fighter. Such an ambitious project will require significant financial investments and the most advanced technologies. It is assumed that it will be adopted in the early 40s. The arsenal of a promising machine contains ample opportunities typical for aviation of the XXI century, including control of swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles.

In accordance with the agreement signed on June 19, France will take over the technical part of the project, since its aerospace industry has a higher level of development, and Germany will focus on financing the work.

The Franco-German fighter is intended to replace the outdated French Rafale and German Eurofighter Typhoon. In its creation, stealth technologies will be used, and weapons will be located in internal compartments: in two or three of them - air-to-air missiles and in one - bombs and air-to-ground missiles. It will be equipped with the most modern avionics and communications equipment so that it can operate in conjunction with other strike systems.

The aircraft will be multipurpose. To enhance the striking power, it is assumed that there are additional attachment points for the means of destruction, even to the detriment of stealth.

The French side of the project will be represented by the aerospace giant Dassault Aviation, and the German side by the Airbus concern. Participants hope that the costs of developing a promising fighter will be significantly less than, for example, the Americans for the creation of the F-35.