Small Drone Catcher - Intruder Drone Fighter

There are places where the use of drones is strictly prohibited. These include airports, prisons, government and military facilities. But even the strictest bans do not stop violators. Then fighter drones come into play.

DroneCatcher is the brainchild of the Dutch company Delf Dynamics, created with the support of the Military Police, the National Police, the Ministries of Security and Justice of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The main weapon of a multicopter in the fight against intruders is a net with a cable. Detection is carried out using radar, acoustic system or visual. The operator from the ground brings the DroneCatcher to the target using built-in sensors and surveillance cameras.

After that, the DroneCatcher fires the net and neutralizes the intruder at a distance of up to 20 meters. If the "hunter" has enough power, then he delivers the "prey" to the designated place using a cable. If the intruder is too heavy, the DroneCatcher gently lowers him by parachute.

The weight of the fighter drone is 6 kg, the flight speed is 20 meters per second. Charging the battery lasts for 30 minutes of flight.