All Russian submarines in one infographic

According to a new infographic, the Russian submarine fleet has 72 submarines, one more than the US Navy. In it, all Russian submarines are divided by types, for example, nuclear, diesel-electric, by type of weapons (armed with cruise or ballistic missiles), as well as boats for performing special missions.

The top part of the infographic is occupied by the newest Borei project nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles. They are equipped with 16 Bulava ballistic missiles with six warheads each with a yield of 150 kilotons and a range of about 10, 000 km. It is planned to build 8 nuclear submarines of this type. This group also includes nuclear submarines, referred to as NATO's Delta III / IV, armed with Sineva missiles, and the largest nuclear submarine in the world, Dmitry Donskoy, of the Typhoon project, now serving as a test platform.

This is followed by 8 large nuclear submarines "Antey" (NATO classification Oscar II) with a length of 152 meters and a displacement of 24, 000 tons. They are equipped with 24 P-700 Granit anti-ship missiles designed to destroy aircraft carriers.

Unlike the US Navy, the Russian Navy has not only nuclear but also diesel-electric submarines. These are more than 20 multipurpose submarines and a Lada-class submarine. Multipurpose diesel-electric boats are based primarily in the Black and Mediterranean Seas.

There are quite a few special submarines in the Russian Navy. So boats of the Delta III / IV type can be used as "mothers" for transporting mini-submarines for special missions, in particular, deep-sea engineering work.

A special place in this list is occupied by the experimental diesel-electric submarine B-90 "Sarov", designed to deliver deep-sea autonomous underwater vehicles - elusive "torpedoes of the apocalypse", known as "Status-6" with a nuclear installation, capable of destroying strategic enemy targets.