Raytheon has developed a laser cannon to instantly destroy drone groups

The well-known developer of weapons systems for the US Army, Raytheon, together with the US Air Force Research Laboratory, developed the MFIX strike complex based on the Polaris army SUV to destroy several drones at once.

As an attacking component, it uses a combined microwave-laser installation that strikes enemy drones in stages: first, the microwave beam destroys the electronics, followed by a destructive "control" laser "shot". The effectiveness of the new weapon was confirmed during a recent exercise, when 45 drones were shot down by MFIX fire.

The laser beams of the strike complex hit targets at the speed of light and almost instantly switch from one target to another. At the same time, the cost of a shot is only about a dollar, which is incommensurably cheaper than artillery shells and missiles. The entire project cost the Pentagon $ 2 million.