China is developing a concept for its own 6th generation fighter

Fighter of the fifth generation J-20

Yang Wei, deputy director of science and technology for the aviation industry in China, said that the developers of the Chinese 5th generation fighter Chengdu J-20 are already thinking about the concept of the next generation fighter.

It took about 20 years to develop the J-20. His image first leaked to the media in 2011. In addition, China has an FC-31 aircraft, which is similar in size to the American F-35.

If you use this timeline, then a 6th generation fighter will probably appear by the end of the 30s. According to experts, it will be equipped with a new generation of weapons and electronics, in particular, combat lasers, AI and other promising military technologies that are currently in development.

According to Yang Wei, the era of copying foreign designs has ended in China, and the country is already in a position to create its own unique modern military equipment. On the basis of the J-20, it is planned to create a whole family of combat aircraft, in particular, long-range fighters, attack aircraft, as well as an electronic warfare aircraft, such as the American F-18G Growler.

It is also possible that a nuclear bomber may appear, capable of flying over short distances, while its range may well be increased by air refueling.