US Navy Electromagnetic Railgun Field Testing Started

According to a spokesman for the US Office of Naval Research (ONR), laboratory tests of the electromagnetic railgun have been completed, and after a number of serious improvements, its developers are ready to start field tests of a new type of weapon.

This is indeed a completely new type of hypersonic weapon that fires ammunition at speeds up to 7500 km / h, thanks to the high voltage magnetic field. The firing range is 185 km, and the huge kinetic energy of the ammunition guarantees the destruction of the target without the use of explosives. In the future, the railgun is supposed to be used to combat surface and air targets.

At the first stage of laboratory bench tests, single shots of relatively low power were fired. Over time, the power of the shot was brought to 20 megajoules, and by 2018 it can increase to 32 megajoules. This is comparable to a tonne vehicle speeding 257 km / h.

Railgun developers are also working to increase its lifespan. The fact is that at the beginning of the tests, the railgun barrel failed after a few shots.