State Corporation "Rostec" presented the concept of the future combat exoskeleton

The authors of the development are TsNIITOCHMASH engineers. It became a logical continuation of the already created and adopted military equipment "Ratnik". According to many foreign and Russian experts, the novelty is somewhat reminiscent of the outfit of the characters in the legendary Star Wars series.

The outfit is a unique complex that combines protective equipment, weapons and a titanium exoskeleton. All this is controlled by an intelligent computer system.

The head of the universal Russian soldier will be protected by a steel helmet with armored glass, which simultaneously serves as a gas mask and is equipped with a night vision device.

Information about the enemy will be displayed on the built-in display in glasses. Information about the soldier's health will also be displayed here. In an emergency, the suit will provide first aid.

Unlike modern bulletproof vests in the outfit of the future, the bulletproof vest will have a scaly structure that does not restrict movement. In addition, "smart" armor will be able to adapt to temperature changes, disguise itself, it is not afraid of water or fire and, thanks to the identification system, it will be able to distinguish its own from others.

The titanium exoskeleton is a kind of amplifier for the soldier when moving. With its help, he gains additional capabilities when carrying heavy weapons over long distances, and he himself becomes much more resilient and faster.

The legs of the soldier of the future are reliably protected by special fire-resistant boots, where mine detectors, equipment for suppressing radio signals from mines and power supplies for the exoskeleton are mounted.