U.S. Army develops robotic arm to carry heavy weapons

30 years ago, the sci-fi blockbuster "Aliens" showed the military equipment of the space "marines", with its most important element - an articulated arm for carrying heavy weapons. Currently, the US Army is developing such systems that can relieve the burden of American soldiers.

For example, Army Research Laboratory specialists are testing prototypes of a carbon fiber articulated arm combined with body armor to secure personal weapons during and after combat. It can be used in a lying position and can also be attached to either side of the vest.

The hand can hold over 9 kg in lightweight and 22 kg fully loaded. It significantly reduces physical activity, especially during patrolling and long transitions, and also cushions the recoil when shooting, increasing its accuracy.

Finally, the hand enables the soldier to study a map of the area, use radio communications and do any work with his free hands, having a weapon ready for battle.