The Degtyarev plant began production of the latest machine gun

The Russian Pecheneg light machine gun is relatively young - it has been in service for only 16 years. However, the experience of numerous local conflicts constantly spurs the gunsmiths. What was considered cutting edge yesterday is aging rather quickly. The result is a new generation of weapons.

The direct "descendant" of "Pecheneg" does not yet have a name, and its characteristics are classified. Representative of the Plant named after Degtyareva Andrei Maknin said that the company's specialists were tasked with creating a deeply modernized version of the Pecheneg.

In recent years, the arms industry has increasingly begun to use materials uncharacteristic for it. The new product of the Kovrov gunsmiths significantly "lost weight", thanks to separate parts made of titanium and a changed barrel: it still has ribbing, but there is no casing with a forced cooling system.

New acquisitions were the Picatinny rail for attaching various sights and accessories, a folding stock and a tactical grip. The wishes of representatives of special forces were also taken into account. A “silent” and “flameless” version will be produced especially for them.

The quick-detachable bipod with two attachment points - under the muzzle and under the gas chamber contributed to the increase in mobility. The compactness of the updated "Pecheneg" is evidenced by the fact that in the stowed position it is 3 cm shorter than its distant "relative" - ​​the famous AK.