The United States is developing space weapons to destroy multiple targets

Commissioned by the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency, several companies, including Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, have begun developing the MOKV (Multi-object Kill Vehicle) system. The name of the system in translation means "multi-object destruction means". Or, in other words, a missile system capable of destroying many targets at once with one shot.

The peculiarity of this system is that one missile can destroy a group target. As you know, in order to neutralize anti-missile defense means, the striking elements of ballistic missiles are hidden in a "cloud" of many false targets, among which it is almost impossible to find a real warhead.

As conceived by the developers, the interception and destruction of ballistic missiles will take place outside the earth's atmosphere, and their destroyed fragments, turned into space debris, will burn up in the dense layers of the atmosphere outside the United States.

The best specialists of the companies are involved in the work. However, problems remain. So far, no way has been found to identify bombs and traps. For example, it is unclear how to identify in the atmosphere a hydrogen bomb placed ... inside a balloon.

The first ground test phase is scheduled for 2017-2018. If they are completed successfully, then the first experimental target interception will be completed in 2019.