Dronegun is a new weapon to combat drones

With the rapid growth in the number of unmanned aerial vehicles and the improvement of their technical capabilities, the potential threat of the use of drones for military purposes, in particular for espionage, terrorist attacks and sabotage, increases. The emergence of a new weapon called the Dronegun was quite logical, designed to combat them within a radius of up to 2 km.

Similar types of weapons have existed in the past. For example, DroneDefender and AUDS systems destroy drones with powerful electronic impulses that literally paralyze the control system.

Dronegun takes the same approach, blocking the drone's control channel using radio waves. However, for example, unlike the AUDS system (range of up to 8 km) mounted on a car, the Dronegun looks more like an extravagant laser tag rifle in size and appearance.

Upon detecting a flying drone, the shooter activates the Dronegun and directs it towards the target. "Shot", or rather a radio pulse, as a rule, corresponds to the frequency at which the control channel of the drone operates. As a result, he either returns to the place of departure, or in case of GPS blockage, sits down where he was "shot".