Russian army will destroy enemy drones controlled by shrapnel

Drones have undoubtedly occupied their niche among the means of warfare. At the same time, large attack flying UAVs capable of destroying ground objects are just a small part of this constantly growing family. For reconnaissance and fire adjustment, mainly small-sized drones are used, measuring several tens of centimeters.

And then the question arises: how to deal with them? Traditional air defense systems in the form of anti-aircraft missile and missile-gun systems are clearly not suitable. Specialists of the Russian NPO Pribor, which is part of the Techmash concern, decided to use small-caliber artillery ammunition equipped with an intelligent remote detonation system, where shrapnel is used as striking elements, to destroy small-sized drones.

Combat vehicles with AU-220 Baikal modules will be able to shoot down this unmanned "trifle". These include armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles on the Armata platform, BMP-2, 3 and BTR-82. The detected targets will be destroyed with special ammunition equipped with "artificial intelligence" fuses.

Depending on the range to the target, the electronics calculates the detonation time. At the moment of triggering, a cloud of debris is thrown towards the drone, instantly incapacitating it. At the same time, they do not pose any danger to personnel in helmets and body armor. In the future, the metal shrapnel is supposed to be "diluted" with pieces of heavy-duty plastic.

The troops should receive new means of destruction of UAVs within four years.