New Russian RPK-16 - machine gun and assault rifle in one bottle

The leading Russian manufacturer of small arms, the Kalashnikov concern, is ready to present another promising development - the RPK-16. The abbreviation itself indicates that this is a light machine gun. To this should be added the caliber - 5.45 mm, a voluminous magazine for 96 rounds, which, if necessary, can be fastened to any AK.

The concern's specialists hope that the Russian Army and other law enforcement agencies will appreciate another feature of the RPK-16 - the ability to change the barrel. Depending on this, it can be either a light machine gun (elongated barrel) or an assault rifle (shortened barrel).

Visitors to the Army-2016 military-technical forum, which will be held in Moscow from September 6 to 11, will be able to see the novelty in a few days.