A pin-code gun won't hurt if it falls into the wrong hands

The presence of a huge amount of firearms in the hands of the population in many countries is the norm. At the same time, the owners cannot always prevent its unauthorized use by children or unauthorized persons. Identifying weapons by fingerprints or using tokens or RFID tags is not always convenient in practice.

The Smart 2 safety system allows you to store the gun on the bedside table without the risk of being used by a child or bystander. Its activation occurs only after entering the PIN-code, which takes about a second.

There is an option when the activated weapon will be knocked out of the hands: after a third of a second, you will need to re-enter the code, without which the device will be locked. For normal use of the pistol, a 12-hour unlock mode is provided, which is easily deactivated when the weapon is returned to storage.

The Smart 2 system will be available to order within two years. The importance of the problem being solved is emphasized by the fact that the developers have already received pre-orders for more than $ 1 million, and this is only from two weapons stores. The estimated cost of a pistol with a protection system will be $ 1295.