Lockheed Martin develops 60-kilowatt laser to combat drones

Military drones are becoming an increasingly numerous class of modern weapons. But if the air defense systems are able to cope with one or more of them, then what to do with the “swarm of unmanned locusts” that sweeps away everything in its path.

Lockheed Martin specialists had to proceed from the fact that traditional means of fighting conventional air targets - anti-aircraft artillery, machine guns and surface-to-air missiles - are ineffective for the destruction of drones due to their small size and high maneuverability.

The preference was given to a combat laser, consisting of several fiber lasers with a total power of 60 kilowatts. The system turned out to be compact, which allows it to be installed on various platforms, including armored vehicles and other small vehicles.

Another advantage is stealth during combat use, since the laser pulse is not visible to the naked eye. If necessary, the power of the installation can be increased or decreased. Currently, the drone laser fighter is being prepared for laboratory tests, which will last until the end of the year.