The military of the Russian Federation presented a combat robot for fire support "Uran-9"

On March 24, at the Alabino training ground, the Russian Uran-9 fire support robot battle tank was presented. According to Russian and foreign military experts present at the show, this machine is still the only one of its kind.

The main tasks of the remotely controlled "Urana-9" are reconnaissance and providing combat support for motorized rifle and anti-terrorist brigades. It is equipped with a laser detection and object identification system.

The robot tank is literally stuffed with modern weapons - a 30-mm cannon, combined with it with a 7.62 mm machine gun and four M120 "Attack" anti-tank missiles. This is quite enough to hit targets within a radius of more than 4 km.

Fighting robots are the weapon of future wars. Their intelligence is constantly being improved, which in the future should lead to a partial or even complete replacement of modern tanks. Introducing Uran-9, Head of the Department for Analysis and Long-Term Planning of Rosoboronexport Boris Simakin noted:

"Domestic developers have at their disposal everything they need to produce modern combat robots that will be in demand on the international market."