Samples of drone suppression complexes have been developed in Russia

Unmanned aerial vehicles have acquired the status of a formidable weapon - this is already a fait accompli. They are inconspicuous, maneuverable, capable of performing many missions, including as striking means. However, they also have vulnerabilities. In the process of controlling drones, operators often have to exchange information over the radio channel, which the opposing side can immediately take advantage of.

The representative of the management of one of the divisions of ROSTEKH "Concern Radioelectronic Technologies" Yuri Maevsky announced the completion of work on the creation of prototypes of electronic warfare systems, with the help of which the Russian army will fight enemy drones.

These complexes paralyze control and communication channels, make it impossible to exchange current information between the operator and the UAV. Also, the system will be able to suppress the operation of the navigation equipment of drones, if they execute a given program using GPS coordinates without operator control.