McAfee warns 90% of Americans could fall victim to electromagnetic weapons

The well-known creator of McAfee antivirus software - John McAfee recently announced himself in an unusual role - as a candidate for the US presidency. However, instead of the usual militaristic rhetoric characteristic of the election speeches of candidates for the highest state office, where international terrorists and V.V. Putin are mainly featured, McAfee speaks of a completely different threat.

According to the implacable fighter against malware, the No. 1 threat to the United States is some villains who have electronic weapons capable of destroying up to 90% of Americans within 2 years. And, sadly, America has nothing to respond to this deadly threat.

Yet John McAfee is clearly exaggerating. According to the available information, the USA is developing in this direction. So, the Air Force command claims that it already has everything it needs to respond to the threat of electromagnetic weapons.

According to one of the experts, in the near future, technologies will allow to influence the electronic systems of the enemy and his databases, which will practically disarm him even before the outbreak of hostilities.