Sniper rifle that shoots pushpins

German amateur gunsmith Patrick Priebe created a pneumatic sniper rifle that shoots unusual ammunition - pushpins.

He took the barrel of an air pistol used for dart shooting as a basis and placed it in an aluminum case. The ammunition is in a foam polystyrene holder in special holes. Loading is done manually using a shutter.

The shot is carried out with compressed air, which is located in a 12-gram steel can. The can itself is housed in an inflator used to inflate bicycle tires. Its capacity is enough for 5 shots. Spare cans are located on a special shelf behind the barrel.

For accurate shooting, the homemade rifle is equipped with a 1 mW sighting laser. Aluminum folding bipods are provided for greater accuracy. Practice has shown that for a well-aimed shot at a watermelon, a beer can or a plastic bottle, it is enough to point at them and fix the red laser beam.