Russian RPG-30 "Hook" grenade launcher

The long-term confrontation between tanks and grenade launchers continues. Active protection systems capable of destroying cumulative ammunition in the immediate vicinity of the tank became a serious technological breakthrough. In this regard, the appearance of a new generation of Russian anti-tank grenade launchers looks quite logical. RPG-30 or "Hook" is a unique one-time double-barreled grenade launcher, created by specialists from the renowned NPO Basalt.

The presence of two different-sized container-barrels is far from coincidental. A large container contains the main "lethal" tandem cumulative ammunition PG-30 of 105 mm caliber, and the other contains a "surprise" - a booby-trap. Its task is to divert the action of the active protection system of the enemy's tank onto itself.

At the moment of the shot, both propelling charges are triggered. However, the first "trap" rushes to the target, literally for a moment ahead of the anti-tank grenade. The complex of active protection of the tank, programmed for any threat, is triggered precisely by the "trap", while it has no time left for the PG-30. A powerful cumulative ammunition completes the destruction of an already defenseless tank.

At a distance of 200 meters, the "Hook" penetrates 60-cm tank armor, 1, 5-meter reinforced concrete and 2-meter brick walls and wood and earth shelters up to 3, 7 meters thick.