Russia has a worthy replacement for the French Mistrals

It seems that the topic of the failure of the contract for the purchase of the French Mistrals is gradually disappearing. From all that happened, two conclusions can be drawn: the first - we can easily do without; and the second - with the money returned, we will build our own helicopter carrier, which will be no worse than the French one.

The project of the helicopter carrier, developed by the Central Research Institute. Academician Krylov, has the conditional name "Avalanche". It will be a real combat ship with a displacement of 24, 000 tons with a crew of 320 people, ready to take on board a landing of 500 marines plus 16 helicopters - Ka-27, Ka-29, Ka-52 and 6 assault boats.

It can deliver all this power 5, 000 miles from its native shores at a speed of 20 knots / hour under the reliable cover of AK-176M, AK-630M2 artillery mounts and Pantsir-ME naval air defense systems.

The developers have one more project in stock - "Surf". In size, it is somewhat inferior to the Avalanche, but its capabilities are also high - two-month autonomy, a cruising range of 6, 000 miles and 30 combat helicopters on board.