The US Army will have new types of stealth drones

On May 14, Washington hosted a display of new, unobtrusive, palm-sized unmanned aerial vehicles commissioned by the US Department of Defense. They are called "cicadas". Their use is carried out from transport aircraft "air carriers" from an altitude of over 15 km.

CICADA is an inexpensive disposable aircraft. During the tests, 57, 600 products were launched, which flew over 11 km in free fall and passed in close proximity to the target, after which they landed in different places.

The main purpose of cicadas is to collect intelligence information using the most modern electronic equipment. It is also planned to use them as part of a "robotic swarm", which will be very difficult to combat.

At the same time, unmanned surface drones are being tested, which, having united in "flocks", will also guard especially important sea vessels. But that's not all. The military experts were presented with unmanned aerial vehicles that were fired from under the water using a Tomahawk cruise missile, where they were hidden in a special tube. After exiting it, the drones unfold their wings and rush to the target.