American destroyer Zumwalt launched

On Monday, the largest destroyer Zumwalt, built using stealth technology for the US Navy, set off on her maiden voyage. The contractor is the Maine-based shipbuilding company Bath Iron Works. The ship was escorted by more than 200 shipyard workers, sailors and local residents.

The vessel, almost 183 meters long and with a displacement of 15, 000 tons, impresses with its futuristic appearance. According to company employee Kelly Compana, the destroyer has no analogues in the world. It travels at a speed of 56 km / h using an electric motor. Zumwalt is equipped with modern radar, sonar and powerful missile and artillery weapons.

On board the destroyer will be installed 80 launchers of missiles of various classes, including for tactical missile launchers "Tomahawk" and ASROC anti-submarine missiles with vertical launch. Of the artillery weapons, two 155 mm and 62 mm automatic cannons should be distinguished. The nose is designed with a reverse bevel to reduce drag.

A large number of new technologies, including secret ones, led to a rise in the cost of the destroyer to $ 4.4 billion. In turn, his critics commented on the shape of the body. In their opinion, it makes the ship less stable. But this is the price paid for being invisible. Ahead of "Zumwalt" sea trials await.