AK-47 will begin to be produced in the USA

The Russian Weapon Company (RWC), an official dealer and importer of AK-47s in the United States, owes its prosperity in many respects to the products of the famous Izhmash plant. Recently, however, sanctions have intervened in business, prohibiting the purchase of military products in Russia. The news of the ban on the supply of AK-47 was literally boldly off the shelves of thousands of Kalash weapons stores, which prompted the company's management to look for a way out of this situation. The profit turned out to be higher than the policy.

The RWC management made a logical and somewhat non-standard decision - to establish its own production of the AK-47 and some types of hunting weapons, in particular, the Saiga carbines. The sanctions completely exclude the possibility of any agreements with the manufacturer. According to leading sales manager Rick Young, company representatives are not even entitled to a phone call to Izhevsk.

From now on, AK-47s will be displayed on the shelves of US arms stores under their own name, but with the inscription "Made in USA". It should be noted that the Americans do not have a license to release it, and the Kalashnikov concern will not receive a cent from such an American entrepreneurial spirit.

During its almost 70-year history, the famous Soviet AK-47 managed to “register” and fight in dozens of countries around the world, but even despite such a venerable age and merits, he did not even think to go “to the reserve”. In recent years, the symbol of the Soviet era has been successfully mastering the US arms market, where the super-reliable AK-47 has gained thousands of admirers.