Combat equipment "Warrior" will be supplemented by an AK-12 assault rifle

Upon completion of military tests, the commission of the Russian defense department nevertheless gave preference to the AK-12 assault rifle, developed by the design team of the Izhmash plant, headed by Vladimir Zlobin. From now on, the AK-12 will become part of the "Warrior" combat equipment, which is already being supplied to the troops.

According to many experts, the AK-12 is a new generation weapon that has absorbed all the best from its illustrious predecessors of the AK family. In the new model, all the main indicators have been improved - ergonomics, the work of automation, the multivariance of the used cartridges, including NATO ones, has been introduced. It perfectly "combines" with all types of currently operating and promising grenade launchers.

AK-12, thanks to its unique automation, is fully obedient even to a wounded soldier. The plastic telescopic stock is adjustable in length and cheek height. The machine can be equipped with the most modern sights. The fighter has the ability to shoot long, short (three rounds) bursts and make single shots. The undoubted innovation is the shutter delay with a button, which greatly simplifies the reloading of the magazine.